Henrik Failmezger


since July 2017
Postdoctoral Training Fellow, Division of Molecular Pathology, the Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK
2016 to June 2017
Software engineer, Brainlab, Munich, Germany
2012 to 2015
PHD, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne, Germany
Supervisor: Prof. Achim Tresch
Topic: Advanced phenotyping methods for high-throughput imaging.
2005 to 2012
MSci Bioinformatics, Ludwigs Maximilans University and Technical University Munich, Germany




Journal paper

  1. H. Failmezger, J. Lempe, N. Khadem,M. Cartolano, M. Tsiantis, A. Tresch, MowJoe: A method for automated-high throughput compound leaf phenotyping, under revision at Plant Methods.
  2. E. Dursun, M. Endele, A. Musumecia, H. Failmezger, S. Wang, A. Tresch, T. Schroeder, A. Krug, Continuous single cell imaging reveals sequential steps of plasmacytoid dendritic cell development from common dendritic cell progenitors, Scientific Reports 2016.
  3. T. Niederberger, H. Failmezger, D. Uskat, D. Poron, I. Glauche, N. Scherf, I, Roeder, T. Schroeder, A.Tresch, Factor graph analysis of live cell imaging data reveals mechanisms of cell fate decisions, Bioinformatics 2015.
  4. H. Failmezger, H. Froehlich, A.Tresch Unsupervised automated high-throughput phenotyping of RNAi time lapse movies, BMC Bioinformatics 2013.
  5. M. Sun, B. Schwalb, N. Pirkl, K. Maier, H. Failmezger, A.Tresch, P. Cramer, Semi-automated 3D leaf reconstruction and analysis of trichome patterning from light microscopic image, Molecular Cell 2013.
  6. H. Failmezger,B. Jaegle, A. Schrader, M. Huelskamp, A. Tresch, Semi-automated 3D leaf reconstruction and analysis of trichome patterning from light microscopic image, Plos Computational Biology 2013.
  7. H. Failmezger, P. Praveen,A.Tresch, H. Froehlich, Learning Gene Network Structure from Time Lapse Cell Imaging in RNAi Knock-Downs, Bioinformatics 2013.
  8. Y. Yuan, H. Failmezger, O.M. Rueda, H.R. Ali, S. Graef, S.F. Chin, R.F. Schwarz, C. Curtis, M.J. Dunning, H. Bardwell, N. Johnson, S. Doyle, G. Turashvili, E. Provenzano, S. Aparicio, C. Caldas, F. Markowetz, Quantitative image analysis of cellular heterogeneity in breast tumors complements genomic profiling, Science Translational Medicine 2012.


Outreach and Public Engagement

October 2011 - March 2012
Math teacher, IG InitiativGruppe - Interkulturelle Begegnung und Bildung e.V., Munich.

Postdoctoral Training Fellow

Henrik Failmezger, PhD in Bioinformatics

Division of Molecular Pathology & Centre for Evolution and Cancer

The Institute of Cancer Research

Cotswold Road SM2 5NG, Surrey

Contact: Henrik{dot}Failmezger{at}icr.ac.uk