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ICR-AstraZeneca PhD studentship

Deep multi-omic integration to understand inter-organ relationships that regulate systemic immunometabolism

The complex anatomical and local microenvironment contribution of metabolism and the immune response to the progression of metabolic tissue injury to cancer and its response to therapy is yet to be fully understood. In collaboration with the Imaging and Data Analytics group at AstraZeneca, we will systematically interrogate tissue biology using deep multi-omic integration of their rich and extensive existing data derived from multiple preclinical disease models and well-characterised clinical samples, linking histological signatures, cell signalling, spatially resolved metabolomics, transcriptomics and proteomics. We aim to identify novel insights into the complex biological processes governing this immunometabolic interplay with AI-based ‘image-omics’ to drive novel preventative strategies and therapies.

Other projects (page in construction)


TRACERx lung cancer

As part of the Cancer Research UK funded landmark program lung cancer TRACERx, we develop deep learning systems for the analysis of spatial heterogeneity in the lung tumour microenvironment. TRACERx lung is a prospective, pioneering study of lung cancer evolution. Our recent progress on AI, histology and cancer evolution in this study was published in Nature Medicine.


Early detection of multiple myeloma

We seek a highly motivated individual to join this Cancer Research UK funded Early Detection program, to define risk in smouldering myeloma for early detection of multiple myeloma. The aim is to develop better markers and therapies to predict, and ultimately prevent, progression from this pre-cancer disease to incurable cancer. You will lead the development of new deep learning systems for analysing digital pathological images of smouldering myeloma. You will enjoy the highly collaborative nature of this project, working with the internationally renowned team consisting of oncologists, pathologists, immunologists, bioinformaticians at UCL, Broad Institute, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and others to deliver leading-edge toolkits to identify the genomic, transcriptomic and immunological landscape of smouldering myeloma.

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