Yinyin Yuan
Team Leader

PhD, Computer Science, University of Warwick
MSc, Computer Science, University of Warwick
BSc, Computer Science, University of Science & Technology of China

Konstantinos Zormpas-Petridis
PhD Student (joint supervision with Dr Yann Jamin and Dr Simon Robinson)

MSc, Electronics and Information Processing, University of Patras, Greece
BSc Physics, major in Electronics, Computers and Signal Processing, University of Patras, Greece 

Shan E Ahmed Raza

PhD, Computer Science, University of Warwick

Priya L. Narayanan

PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Department of Human Biology, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Henrik Failmezger Postdoc

PhD, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne, Germany

Khalid ABDUL JABBAR Postdoc

PhD Candidate (enrolled), Bristol Robotics Laboratory, University of the West of England Bristol, UK

Sebastian Schmittner
Lead developer of Polyscope

, Bioinformatics, University of Applied Science, Vienna, Austria  

Sidra Nawaz
PhD Student

MSci, Physics, Imperial College London, UK

Violeta Kovacheva

PhD, Computer Science, University of Warwick
MSc, Systems Biology DTC, University of Warwick
MMath, University of Oxford

Lisa Petris
Summer internship

Msci, Mathematics and Physics within the Natural Sciences, Durham University, UK

Andreas Heindl

PhD, Program "Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Biology" Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Adnan Mujahid Khan

PhD, Computer Science, University of Warwick, UK

Samuel Crew
EPSRC summer internship

MMath, Mathematics, University of Oxford, UK

Karesh Arunakirinathan
Summer internship

BSc Computer Science and Engineering, University of Surrey, UK

Group photos

Summer BBQ, Aug 2017

Targeting cancer - Archery Sep 2015

Lunch in lavender field, Aug 2015

Climbing, Oct 2014

Our new Hamamatsu Nanozoomer XR arrived in the lab, Oct 2014